Lunch Keilalahti 7.-11.9.2020

Monday 7.9. 

Chicken Satay, basmati rice G, M Inc. peanuts 

Bacon- ham pasta L 

Tofu red curry with roasted vegetables and potatoes G, M, VEGAN 

Steamed vegetables G, M, VEGAN 

Banana yoghurt G, L 


Keilalahti Cheeseburger & fries 14 € 


Tuesday 8.9. 

Beef patties in rosemary sauce, buttered smash potatoes G, L 

Smoked salmon & spinach tagliatelle L 

Ratatouille vegetable stew & chickpeas G, M, VEGAN 

Carrot mix and cabbage G, M, VEGAN 

Mango coconut pannacotta G, L 



Keilalahti Cheeseburger & fries 14 € 


Wednesday 9.9. 

Beef stew ”Stroganoff”, Fried mushrooms, polenta G, L 

Meatball pasta with herbs L 

Breaded Eggplant, cucumber mayonnaise G, VEGAN 

Fried vegetables G, VEGAN 

Whipped Lingonberry porridge VEGAN 



Keilalahti Cheeseburger & fries L 14 € 

Sushi Salmon & Veggies 14 pieces / 16 € (as long as products last) 

Sushi Veggies 14 pieces & 14 € (as long as products last) 


Thursday 6.8. 

Roasted chicken with herbs & mozzarella tomato sauce G, L and vegetable bulgur M, VEGAN 

Lasagne L 

Gratinated Italian style vegetable stew G, L 

Steamed vegetables G, M, VEGAN 

Pancakes & jam, cream L 



Keilalahti Cheeseburger & fries 14 € 


Friday 11.9. 

Pork belly BBQ and veggies G, L and Roasted potatoes G, VEGAN 

Chicken pasta & Blue cheese L 

Halloumi-beetroot patties G, L Bell pepper mayonnaise G, L 

Grilled vegetables G, L 

Something Sweet” L 



Keilalahti Cheeseburger & fries 14 € 

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